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[Request] Does anyone have any images of Fire and Ice in harmony together?

2021.10.26 01:53 PapikaBun [Request] Does anyone have any images of Fire and Ice in harmony together?

Here's an example! https://www.artstation.com/artwork/dK1dA
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2021.10.26 01:53 Mutsa32 Any tips on studying for business studies 0450

I took IGCSE business from year 10 through to the start of year 11 and dropped it as we had finished the syllabus. Picked up a study period and made the bad mistake of using it for homework instead of studying for business. Now I sort of left it until last minute to study with my exams being next week. I am really worried as I had a bad experience with my teacher during mock exams as she didn't tell me until just over a week prior to sitting the business exam that I was going to sit them. She is really expecting me to get an A* as me and two other students are at the same level and they got A*'s. I was a good student but lost interest in business at the start of this year and am really regretting leaving studying last minute. Any tips? I would really like to get an A or a B. I would say I know the terms and definitions for business and think I have got the hang of the finance topic.
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2021.10.26 01:53 Code_mark THIS NEW ARC LOOKS VERY FAMILIAR...

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2021.10.26 01:53 LunaticSage218 me when amogus sussy baka sus imposter

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2021.10.26 01:53 cursed_blade Edited in gallery

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2021.10.26 01:53 HughMungus_2805 Other reasons to resign.

Hey everyone, I typically see people removing their records because they are being harassed by ward members, or they feel very strongly that they don’t want their name associated with the church. What are some other reasons someone would want to formally resign?
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2021.10.26 01:53 TYTAHXAMOH Двести шестьдесят два [слайд].

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2021.10.26 01:53 lilsquinty9 Is Revolver Magazine even legitimate?

Twice I have pre ordered from this site, one being the Ghost Prequelle Ashes Vinyl with the shirt, and another bundle from a different artists. Both of these products have both been passed their ship out date and I have hardly heard a peep from the company. I’m seriously becoming fed up with this, especially since I’ve received my magazine from my free seasonal subscription. I feel as if I’m the only one actually talking about this and it’s frustrating to gain reassurance from the situation. Thank you for your time.
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2021.10.26 01:53 MathHelp820 S2 HELP

A continuous random variable X has PDF f(x) where f(x) = k / x cubed for x greater than or equal to 1
How do we find the value of k when the range is greater than or equal to 1. very confused pls help
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2021.10.26 01:53 KenDollCrotch_ Cry on company time.

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2021.10.26 01:53 Overall_Crow_4865 If you think about it puro is just a Viking

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2021.10.26 01:53 Disco_Rekah For those without DirecTV how do you watch games?

Pretty infuriating that I live in Denver, pay for cable and can't watch the local team on TV. Any recommendations on where to watch besides reddit streams?
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2021.10.26 01:53 LilPudz [LF] White Hyacinths [FT] Anything!

I'm looking for ~20 white hyacinths! It would be awesome if they're the plants but I'd take bags if I can pop into your nooks for them!! Let me know what youd like in return and thank you 💕💕
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2021.10.26 01:53 Mrcheldobreck Did Steam unban porn games?

As the title says, I have noticed a lot of NSFW games on steam trending. Since when did they unban those types of games?
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2021.10.26 01:53 GenericUsername532 I just want to say

If this is the end of the podcast, I just want to say thank you. Thank you to both Eddy and Gus and Sabrina for bringing us joy. A big, big thank you to Tony who made each podcast possible for us. Thank you to Sven, and Gus' Mom, and the rest of the boys who came to talk with us on the podcast. Thank you to Eddy's neighbors who never complained about MAAAIL. And thank you to the community for the memes, memories, mail, and support. Here's to the Boys.
Boys Support Boys.
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2021.10.26 01:53 TA-EcoFan01 Do we need to break up?

Howdy. It's your everyday eco-nut 21 year old working on a bachelor's in Environmental Studies.
I've been slowly becoming more and more progressive as the years go by, and as I become more aware of my identity I'm beginning to realize that my boyfriend doesn't have the same world views as me and often makes jokes that I'm kind of offended by.
I'm beginning to get kind of fed up with it.
I think we need to break up. For way more reasons than that he makes jokes I don't agree with. He just doesn't seem to care. He never makes time for me. He always makes everything an argument and then gets mad at me for making it an argument when I wasn't the one who got upset. He doesn't seem like he has much regard for what I think at all. He hasn't had a job in 3 years, and we've lived together for 4. I'm non-binary and would ultimately like to go by they pronouns but my boyfriend has never once called me by that so I don't know how he'd react if I told him that. He also makes a lot of comments that are, frankly transphobic. He says shit that triggers my childhood tramua too often to be accidental.
I just don't know what to do.
Everyday it becomes more apparent how unhappy I am.
But I don't know how to leave.
I want to be a fully no waste, reusable products only kind of person. I don't think he does. He can't even get around not buying dishwasher tablets and infact said he would stop using the dishwasher if I made the switch.
I'm beginning to realize I made a really stupid choice moving in with him.
I should have realized that when he decided to spend the money I had saved for a laptop for college on a watch he doesn't wear. That was right after we moved in together.
How do I break up with someone? This was my first serious relationship. I've never really done this before.
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2021.10.26 01:53 BinaryOptionAlliance 🐕🏀 $ShibaBalls 🐕🏀 | 10% rewards in $SHIB every hour 💰| Fair Launched 🤝| Liquidity Locked 🔒| 100x potential or more 🚀 | Anti Whale 🐋 | For more information please join our Telegram

Are you tired of rugpulls, scams, and honeypots? Today we present you to $ShibaBalls!
$ShibaBalls has just fair launched and is a $shib reward token that treats you with 10% distribution per transaction and gives you SHIBA-tokens directly into your wallet! Also it adds to the liquidity with 3% to ensure static growth of the project.
The token will have tons of upcoming marketing so your investment will increase! The yield generating mechanism will help provide enough liquidity to buy bigger amounts in the future and also increases the token value and helps us build the project further.
Our Tokenomics:
100,000,000,000 Total supply
50% of the tokens are burned to ensure more token value
2% max wallet to ensure no whales
Our Tax is 18% for buy and sell:
10% in SHIBA reward
3% to locked liquidity pool
5% to marketing and buyback
Total of ~18% Slippage (18% + 0,5% Pancake)
Links and Social Media:
💰Twitter: Twitter.com/BallisticShiba
💰 Telegram: https://t.me/ballisticshiba
💰 Website: https://ballisticshiba.com/
💰 Locked liquidity: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x65e6Dc38c26cCF3fc0713933c18175bCb0016352
💰 PancakeSwap V2: exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x0eca40780b1a45422721140b5041d0f8950ffa49
Contract: 0x0eca40780b1a45422721140b5041d0f8950ffa49
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2021.10.26 01:53 bloodexe My 200mm Sanmai Gyuto

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2021.10.26 01:53 AlbertMendez442 Jail Murdoch is the man [Plunderer]

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2021.10.26 01:53 un_belli_vable Does anyone know what this "other" storage is and how to manage it?

Does anyone know what this submitted by un_belli_vable to GalaxyA50 [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 01:53 ChelseaYeet Should I trade this squad in for konate? Second pic is my current squad

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2021.10.26 01:53 Ok-Dot-7527 I need some advice on this song

So my girlfriend recently broke up with me but I know she still has feelings. We still talk and we didn’t end on bad terms. It only ended because she just says it’s not the same. It’s been 5 months and I told her about how relationships aren’t always gonna seem perfect. She said it was hard cause of how busy we both were and not being able to see eachother. I told her it’s fine and we will make time for eachother. I’m her first boyfriend and I think she is perfect so that’s why I don’t want let go yet. I want to try somehow to win her back and I’m hoping the friendship route works and just stay friends and slowly try to rekindle the flame. I think a song or something would help but it seems more like a poem to me.
I said I wanted you forever, And that I could be forever yours, I know we weren’t always together But you didn’t have to shut the door Deep inside I got feelings, And I know that you do too My mind won’t stop racing With thoughts and memories of you
I know you said it wouldn’t work out And that you needed some time But we didn’t have to end it All I want is for you to try
Loves not easyyyy Loves not easyyyyyyy Loves not easyyyy
Babe all I want is another chance, To prove that we can make it I know you’ve made up your mind But we got a bond and I don’t wanna break it There’s so much love for you in my heart And now it feels like it’s ripped apart I know it’s hard but no one said it would be easy Cause baby loves not easy
Loves not easyyyy Loves not easyyyyy Loves not easyyyy
It obviously looks and sounds very poetic but that’s why I’m asking for some advice. It’s only in the beginning stages right now, just getting ideas down but I know it can be better. I’m not just gonna go with this, something I wrote in 20 minutes, because she’s worth way more than that. I also am not musically talented at all. So idk how I’d sing this or play music with it if I wanted to. I’m open to any ideas and changes you guys think would make it sound better and less corny. Love songs are usually pretty corny tho. Thanks in advance.
P.S. yes I’m aware I should let her go but I don’t want to give up on something that I know is worth fighting for. Not yet at least. I know it’s only been 5 months but it really has been the best 5 months of my life with her. She changes my whole perspective of life
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2021.10.26 01:53 samwilder2319 Anybody wanna do a little Tsuru x Diamanté roll play

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2021.10.26 01:53 Qthechrisman Trying to download Bioshock 2 DLC from Xbox 360 Ultimate Rapture Collection on Xbox One and it cannot be found

I go to ‘Manage Game’ and it’s not there, I go to the Microsoft Store and it says I don’t own them, how do I download them from the disc?
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2021.10.26 01:53 mikasahinata {requested by Buntje420} || i just finished this one and i thought it'd be better if i made miyamura drink strawberry juice!! my head canon is that it's his fav ehehe, anyway i have my fav colouring of mine ready, i made many versions of it tho so i might just upload the one i like better!

{requested by Buntje420} || i just finished this one and i thought it'd be better if i made miyamura drink strawberry juice!! my head canon is that it's his fav ehehe, anyway i have my fav colouring of mine ready, i made many versions of it tho so i might just upload the one i like better! submitted by mikasahinata to Horimiya [link] [comments]