Did Steph and PG13 talk about “logo 3’s” BEFORE Steph’s logo 3?

2021.10.26 02:26 chichmode Did Steph and PG13 talk about “logo 3’s” BEFORE Steph’s logo 3?

I’m sure many of you have see the meme going around featuring mid game bantering between PG13 and Steph and Steph later hitting a logo 3 pointer. If you haven’t, here is the link: https://mobile.twitter.com/notgswchris/status/1451416357052956673
I sent this to my brother and he thought the clip was misleading because the bantering “must have happened between Steph’s FT attempts”… Steph only took two sets of FTs that night, and those occurred at the end of the game (5 seconds left) or during the first quarter. He thinks the clip shows them at the end of the game and PG13 is actually asking Steph to miss a FT (“give me one”) and he’ll hit one (a logo 3) to which Steph says he hasn’t “missed one yet” (referring to a FT). Alternatively, this happened in the first quarter and Steph is saying he hasn’t missed a shot yet at all, but then the logo 3 he hit was actually 3 quarters later.
Can anyone confirm when during the game the conversation actually happened? The clip with Steph and PG13 conveniently doesn’t show the score. Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.26 02:26 DerHander Barbara Palvin

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2021.10.26 02:26 get_when_noonegives ummm

soooo.... anyone know anything ? just wondering ..
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2021.10.26 02:26 Ill_Worldliness_6486 What is Utpatti? What do they do?

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2021.10.26 02:26 iSeeNTG (Free) friendly online myleague 2k22

Anybody got a free mynba online league me and my friends can join on PlayStation?
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2021.10.26 02:26 NFTCrazy Free NFT!! Giveaway going on Twitter right now for this 0.05+ ETH PolyMate!! Follow @PolyMatesNFTs & Retweet pinned post to enter prize draw :)

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2021.10.26 02:26 milanpoudel Areas around eyes getting darker and tired because of laptop/phone use

Age:24 Gender: Male I am from IT profession. since few months areas around my eyes feels really tired and those areas are really black. I don't think it's because of lack of sleep because I sleep at least 8-9 hours everyday. Is there anything that can help me minimize this? I am trying to avoid laptops and phones as much as possible but still there maybe any kind of exercises or medicines or any creams that can help me?
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2021.10.26 02:26 TraditionalGoal422 🌐SquidShibDOGE Launching today Doxxed dev low Mc only 20k Mc and huge potential project german dev is live on telegram big marketing incoming

Welcome to SquidShibDOGE Launch "Red Candle Green Candle" Will you survive and hold strong or sell in the red? Only the best traders will survive! In honor to the hyped Squidgames series and the rising star coin Shiba Inu we created Squid Shiba to get the best of both worlds. Our goal is to create a safespace for both communities to get in touch and talk and discuss about shiba inu and Squid Game. 🌐 Our project differs from the rest because it has a passionate German team working to develop a safety environment and also surrounding the token with massive promos.
🎯Future Goals -Get listed on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko -Create Squid Game x Shiba Inu Nfts -Launch of the Website -Influencer Marketing Campagne including: -Youtube video Promo -Twitter Influencer Promo -Daily reddit Posts -Community Shill raids and more ✅Key notes -Liquidity locked -Voicechat before and after Launch -Verified Contract -Fair Launch
🗒Tokenomics :
5% Marketing
10% Dogecoin Rewards
5% Liquidity
📈BUY 7%
📉SELL 7%
🌎 Contract Address: 0xa06500108bf2c15a2891c1809a09e738b3c442b5
🌎 Pancakeswap:https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xa06500108bf2c15a2891c1809a09e738b3c442b5
🌎Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xa06500108bf2c15a2891c1809a09e738b3c442b5#readContract
🌎 LP LOCKED: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xd0951ceecfa2c2984ef5039d053d2310c115e8c2
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2021.10.26 02:26 LeraieAsura Cracking sound on the body

Hello, I have a 4-month-old MBP 2020 and I notice that whenever I pick it up (holding the body while the screen is open), I can hear somewhat a cracking sound coming from its body. Is this something that I should worry about? Thanks!
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2021.10.26 02:26 RevolutionaryEnd2078 Always thirsty?

Is being always thirsty a symptom of pcos? I am craving cold water a lot. Maybe it’s cause I’m not drinking enough. But I was just curious.
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2021.10.26 02:26 Professional_Test205 Facepalm for the company that built that...

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2021.10.26 02:26 JayDeeJD_25 Page Turner Thriller

On the hunt for the next ride. These books kept had me telling myself, just one more chapter 😂
Deception point - Dan Brown One by One - Ruth Ware Devolution -Max Brooke Dark Matters - Blake Crouch
Any recommendation is much appreciated. Prefer lesser known authors/books. Thanks.
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2021.10.26 02:26 fisherkingpoet What's the most useless thing you learned in school?

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2021.10.26 02:26 BobaQuest My attempt at carving Kiva’s symbol for a Jack O’Lantern

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2021.10.26 02:26 clayagds99 Same-sex marriage : Important fact that everyone should know

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2021.10.26 02:26 allen20024 Meh need people to team up with :/

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2021.10.26 02:26 Glittering_Bowl_4233 Haven’t received my debit card!

Hello, i first filed a claim on 10/12/2021 and I recently got paid for the week ending in 10/16/2021, but I haven’t received my debit card or any mail relating to unemployment. Is this normal because of Delays or should I try and contact someone just in case my mail got stolen or never arrived?
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2021.10.26 02:26 MediaTrafficOrg Howard University Students Fighting Mold In Dorms Just After School Received Donation From Jeff Bezos Ex-Wife MacKenzie Scott

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2021.10.26 02:26 Red_Dead_is_better Sure

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2021.10.26 02:26 razorspin Everything time he asked Liz a question at his warp speed . Her facial reaction says the real truth.

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2021.10.26 02:26 nudiecale What’s up with Verilife no longer showing sales on their online menu?

Pretty much the title. When they have a sale or discount going, their menu will have them listed as “treats” or something. Some of the prices are lower than normal, but you wouldn’t know it unless you already knew the normal price. Some of the prices are not lower, but their inclusion on the “treat” section indicates that it is on sale, but by how much? You just have to call and ask or go in. I base 100% of my purchases at the 2 local dispensaries on quickly glancing through the menus every day or 2 and waiting until I see a nice new drop or nice new sale. This is totally unfriendly to the patient.
When I asked they said DOH doesn’t want them advertising sales anymore, but I haven’t noticed any other dispensaries doing this.
It would honestly be enough to just quit going there, but they get more premium stuff than my other local one. Not to mention it’s way faster and not all weird and prisony rigid like my other local dispo.
I guess I’m just curious has heard anything about this? Either with regards to Verilife seemingly being the only dispo no longer showing sales on their online menus or with regards with the DOH saying you can’t show sales anymore.
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2021.10.26 02:26 Popular_Broccoli133 Why is the cryptovision.live post not stickied?

Who is choosing what to sticky and what not to?? Nano.to and cryptovision.live both had announcements this week and neither were pinned. And the v23 update has been pinned for weeks. Thousands of new people getting nano and checking this sub.. people need to be shown the sexy stuff not a post talking about how the code has been cleaned up. Please pin some of the more exciting community developments for a few days.
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2021.10.26 02:26 anxious_dog25 Did I sound rude? Or am I asshole?

Hello. I am doing my clinical rotations and we've started giving treatments. We go into the patients rooms in pairs. One person writes down info while the other does hands on stuff. I went with my classmate. I was doing the hands on portion and my classmate was writing things down. Another one of my classmates comes in with us and started taking over my tasks. He connects everything the he says he'll put the meds in He then gave me the treatment to give the patient after he was done setting it up. He started talking to the patient, so I just left the room and said I would be back. I never asked for help and I established that I would be giving the treatment.
I told the classmate writing notes "That might as well been his patient" in a upset tone.
Was a rude for that? Or is it reasonable that I got upset that he totally took over my tasks.
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2021.10.26 02:26 Many-Ad4736 Looking for a manager

Good day Managers! I am looking for scholarship. Hard working and willing to dedicate my time playing axie everyday.
Name:Julius Garcia Age: 21 Gender: Male Location:Philippines Civil Status: Single Nationality: Filipino Device: AndroidPhone Connection: Mobile Data/Wifi Average SLP per day: 150-200
TELEGRAM:Julius Garcia
How many hours per day can you dedicate to playing Axie: I can play 8-10 hours a day.
Do you already have experience playing Axie Infinity: None, but i am willing to learn, research about Axie mechanics and to be educate and im a fast learner too.
Gaming Experience: Call Of Duty Mobile, Clash Of Clans, Mobile legends
Why should you hire me? - In this time of pandemic I'm looking for alternatives to help my family to support them in our financial needs and to pay bills while doing my passion of gaming I hope you'll give me a chance to be one of your scholars and I assure you that I will put my best and effort on it. Thank You!
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2021.10.26 02:26 TheCooldude__1 Yo, this is a sick NFT on solana owner please DM me😭

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