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i can’t stop lagging

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2021.10.26 02:18 bigbingus1234 i can’t stop lagging

ok so basically, i need help because fortnite keeps lagging me. and i’m on a computer that can handle the game perfectly fine, aside from the fact that no matter what i do, i’m ll constantly teleport around at random intervals because of lag. this is honestly making it impossible to play the game. please tell me how to fix.
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2021.10.26 02:18 tekkil Should I quit?

Before you say yes, I do like my job. Most of the time. I completely understand all the shit talking on here but there are times where I genuinely look forward to coming to starbucks.
The thing is that I work another job. It's Monday-Thur 5pm-3am (sometimes 4) and it's not much of an easygoing job. It's physically taxing and it pays significantly more than starbucks.
I promised my manager that I would stay for the holidays as I am one of her more experienced partners. I love both of these jobs it's just that I wish I could treat starbucks like a hobby. I have to drive 30 minutes at 3 am to get back home, shower, wake up around 10 for starbucks, leave at like 3, eat, drive 30 minutes back to my other job 4 days a week. 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐 it's kind of getting to me what should I do
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2021.10.26 02:18 Heres43bucksKillMe The best medicine after a stressful day!

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2021.10.26 02:18 InquisitorCOC Tesla’s value tops $1 trillion after Hertz ordered 100,000 of its vehicles

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2021.10.26 02:18 tylerwil55 2011 corolla

high beams only turn on when holding can’t fully turn them on and leave them on. what’s the issue?
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2021.10.26 02:18 cassie0018 Looking for diamond carry

I am not THAT bad, but my skills are really hit or miss. im currently in plat4 and hoping to get diamond before split ends. highest rank i got was plat2 last split but got really busy with work 2 weeks before split ended and i wasnt able to grind.
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2021.10.26 02:18 RedDeadBastard Outfit I’ve been sporting the past few days

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2021.10.26 02:18 MedS03 Is the primitive guy from which the yolk sac develops the same as the primitive pit?

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2021.10.26 02:18 Threedawg This game is amazing, but I hope the devs focus on QOL moving forward

A couple things: (please let me know if I have just missed some of these)

Seriously, this game has a lot of potential, I will play it for a long time regardless. But I would pay another $30 for QOL improvements. What else am I missing?
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2021.10.26 02:18 TheRealJacc Describe the entire Hunter x Hunter universe in just one word

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2021.10.26 02:18 SunriseGirl19 Chaiki calling out to Hajime

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2021.10.26 02:18 ivtonic Holon Hackathon 2021

Hey all!
Wanted to invite you to a Hackathon I'm organising at the moment, sponsored by Filecoin and IPFS
Up to 55k in FIL to be won!
Check out this link for all the details https://taikai.network/en/holon/challenges/holon-innovate/ overview
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2021.10.26 02:18 HopefulSea96 Nothing To see here, I am just avoiding the devil.

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2021.10.26 02:18 panandlovingit Let's talk liminal

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2021.10.26 02:18 Amber-Haze The tiny town of Merin Falls [Part 2]

Well, I have a new story to share with you all. But first I wanted to say thank you to the kind person for the award on my first post. I wasn't sure exactly where to say this so added it here.
I’ll be honest I really wasn't sure when I'd get around to posting again, but this morning Iian mentioned something odd about the day he started working with me. That jarred a memory loose that I think I've been repressing, probably for a good reason. So here I am again.
To recap, as I'm sure you've heard before, I'll start by saying I live in a small town. It's settled in the northeast, a ways up from the Bridgewater triangle, and on the hill above a small bay. It's old, and has a history of witch trials and war battles. If you've ever seen a horror or Hallmark movie you've seen a town just like it. From calm summers to colorful falls, with old Victorian homes settled in old neighborhoods, complete with soccer moms and honor roll kids. This place is chock full of the American dream. It looks and operates like a normal New England town on the surface. Of course, I wouldn't be here if it actually did. There's a lot wrong with this tiny town of Merin Falls.
So, with the idea of the town refreshed in your mind, I’ll get on to my next story. This was a few months before that incident with Travis. I was sitting behind the counter at work, my head bobbing to the beat of the music churning out of the speakers overhead. I’d been working at Binders and Beats for a couple years at this point. It’s a small shop off the main square, run by an old married couple. The owners, a pair of sweet old men, are an attorney and a musician. They had given me the job after I helped them recover from that storm six years ago. Took hours to clean up all the snails. But, in the end the work and buckets of slime were worth it. We’d talked between scooping, and they offered me the job that I’m still in years later. The pay is pretty good, and the shop is more of a hobby for the musician than a real money mill.
If the name sounds off, that’s because it's a weird mix of a music shop, with instruments of all kinds, records and disks, and complete with sound booths off to the side of the counter. As well as an office supply store, binders, books, pens and the like. To top that mix off, the whole place looks like an earth bound and a hot topic had a mutated baby shop. The attorney is an ex hippie and wicca, still practicing, and his adorable squish ball of a husband was a hard core rocker who may have stalked Ozzy Osbourne, Sting, and who knows who else from the late eighties through to the late twenty tens. Needless to say my bosses are freaks and I’m living for it.
I usually spend about four days of the week behind that counter. From opening, around eleven am, to close at eight pm. For the first few months of my first year working for them, the owners would train and shadow me every day. Eventually though, they started leaving halfway through the day, then just helping me open or close, till about seven or so months in. At that point seventeen year old me was basically running the shop on my own. The owners only popping in occasionally when they felt like it. As I got into the swing of running this somewhat high end store on my own, there was something of a learning curve as I figured out some of the rules the owners hadn’t written down, or had the thought to mention. Things like don’t mess with the woman in the silver dress. Just let her hang around in the sound booth until she was finished screaming. Make sure that you shut the door when you take trash so the snails don’t get back in. If they do, close the store and clean the slime before it can stain and make damn sure you toss them all out back again. Wash the bucket and mop out back when you finish, and do not use bleach. Mr. Hannigan always needs a wooden violin bow. Do not sell him a plastic one. Ever. There was some trial and error, and many confusing nights. But after a while I got the hang of it, and my calls to the owners stopped being panicked and were more for formality. Lucky for me, we don’t get a ton of business.
This went on pretty uneventfully for about two years, that was until a black and grey badger with one bold hot pink stripe down her back, made off with a weird looking thing. Some kinda synth keyboard, small and like round. Apparently it's called a Qchord, and it’s not cheap. So yeah. After a hit like that, the owners decided I needed some help. Honestly, I was a little insulted at the time. For years I handled shoplifters, karens (Mrs. Miller in particular), bratty kids, and all the weird shit of this town. But the moment a talking badger in a crop top pulls one over on me, I suddenly need help?
Actually writing it out now, I was being pretty petty at the time. They were already generous with giving me weekends and Tuesdays off. But I know that was more for Arthur, he still has fun running the shop. And on the weekends Luther has time off to help him with it. I really should do something for them shouldn’t I? Anyway, I had handled assorted critters, and kept them from losing money. Hell I actually make them money, it's kinda funny really. Guess it makes up for the time they had me work when I was down with the collywobbles (not what you think. It’s just what Mrs.Hanning calls it). But I digress.
Getting saddled with someone new wasn’t something I was in any way excited about. And this long winded tangent brings us back around to where this story started. I was working my usual shift, bobbing along to the Half-Alive cd I had churning away. Alone, waiting for the new hire to come in. But it was maybe about four pm? I had pretty much given up and assumed they bailed. Just up and no showed, wouldn’t be a surprise. No one assumes this place pays well. It does, but I won’t be telling anyone that. I like my job, and my wage really isn’t their business. While I was rolling this thought around in my head though, my train of thought was unceremoniously flung through the air off its track, crashing into a wall along with a FLASH, that was accompanied by a ‘Click’ and a ‘wrrrrrr’. My eyes instinctively rolled as I heard the signature ‘fwbwbwubub’ of a polaroid being shaken.
I must have been really lost in thought to have not heard him as he entered the store. He flounced up to my counter and perched himself right across from where I was chilling. His perfect teeth glinted in the black light as he gave me his usual smug grin, holding up a fresh polaroid in his fingers like it was a playing card. The smug bastard leaned nose to nose with me,”Sup Bitch. Looks like you dozed off again.”
Without breaking eye contact I snagged the photo and flicked him in the forehead. A satisfying ‘thump’ right between his orange soda eyebrows making him wince. “Piss off Iian. What did I say about me and pictures.” It wasn’t a question. Iian knew how I felt about that stupid hot pink rabbit camera of his. He’d dragged that thing for as long as I knew him, still does now that I think about it.
He just shrugged and raked his fingers through his hair, letting the ginger strands fall in a messy frame around his irritatingly perfect face,”Chill Am. It was a good shot.”
With narrowed eyes I looked at him, then the photo. He wasn’t wrong. I hate having my picture taken. But he had caught me at a good angle. The lights were a soft fluorescent glow behind me, framing my figure nicely. Chin propped on my hand as I leaned on the counter, face soft lost in my thoughts, staring at something far away. Hell, even my hair had settled in that intentionally messy way my bangs were supposed to lay, but hardly ever did, framing my face in a curtain of gold. The strands glowing with pink, blue, and purple fluorescent hues. With a sigh I shook my head and handed him back the photo.
“Fine. But just for your personal collection. If I see myself on your socials I will strangle you with my hair.” to make my point I ran a hand from the base of my ponytail to the end and used my other hand to snap it taut, like it was a rope wrapped around both of my hands.
His jaw dropped a bit,”Fuck Amber, I always forget how long your hair is.”
“Yeah, I don’t leave it down much do I?” I mused with a smirk as I let the mass drop. For context, I’m a chick. Was about nineteen at this point, twenty-three now and my hair is still stupid long. I stand at a nice six foot and some change, and my hair is at my ankles. Back then I think it was at my mid calf? Using it as a threat is something of a running gag with my friends, and I usually have it up in a tight bun so it doesn’t get caught on stuff. If it weren’t for Iian’s need to take photos of just about everything I probably wouldn’t even remember I had it down.
After that I moved on and made a passive comment about waiting for a new hire, and that I was sure they had just no showed. Iian was sitting cross legged on the counter fiddling with his camera by this point.
“Ya think so?” he mused, pulling back the sleeve of his pink hoodie. He always wears one that's at least four sizes too big. It drapes him in pink cotton and hangs off his shoulders giving him a look like those flowy actress robes lined with fur. The kind that old school actresses would pose around dramatically in.
“I mean yeah. It’s like four thirty. They’re hella late if they’re showing up.” I rolled my eyes.
“Oof. Well, guess I should call my dad huh? Let him know I’m late?” Iian grinned.
I’ll admit, it took me a few moments of the gears turning to catch what he meant. I stared, he stared. He waited, watching boredly for the light to click on. When it finally clicked I just blinked, once, twice. Then shook my head,”no fucking way.”
“Did you piss off Luther?” I asked incredulously.
He furrowed his brow at me and rolled his eyes,”No. Not every job I get is because I made Dad mad.”
“Well, there was the pool,” I started.
“Okay, I had to pay to fix the car, but that was because of the storm. How was I supposed to know it wasn’t water.”
“And the pet shop?”
“Caught with Ryan in the pool house. It was a totally innocent make out...mostly” A pink crept into his cheeks as he grinned like a fool.
“Uhuh.” I smirked,”what about the library?”
“Look if we’re gonna list all my jobs we’ll be here all day.” he huffed and hopped off the counter. I took that moment to sit on it myself and swing around to hop off on his side. Iian was the owner's son, and every time he got in serious trouble they would put him to work to earn money to pay for damages, or tickets, fees, or just so he learned not to fool around at school. Or in the case with his current boyfriend Ryan, at work. He’s a good guy, about a year younger than me, and has his own photography thing. Insta, patreon, all that jazz. He hadn’t been working in the shop up till this point because he wanted to work without family money. Instead of working he would hand around B&B using it as a place to get neat black light photos. This meant we spent a fair amount of time together, resulting in a rather catty friendship.
I landed beside him, my boots hitting the floor with a thump. But, there was a second thump. I looked at Iian, Iian looked at me, we both slowly looked up.
I took in a slow breath,”Iian.”
He was still looking up,”Yes Amber?”
“I’m going to find something horrifying in the storage room, aren’t I.” My sigh was heavy as I exhaled.
He nodded, still fixed on the ceiling,”Most likely.”
I nodded, took another deep breath, and then reached behind the counter. My fingers found the cold steel of the bat I kept there for any errant badgers, and the occasional stalker. Slinging the glowing hot pink hello kitty bat over my shoulder I turned to the back room door. Our store had three rooms for storage. There’s the back room where we have the fridge, coffee maker, ect. The basement, where we keep any maintenance equipment, and the attic where the owners kept the spare instruments, parts, and over stock office supplies. There wasn’t much in any of them at this point in time, mostly drum sets and a few dusty boxes of filler paper.
The stairs up to the attic were narrow, only room for one person to walk up. I say were, they aren’t there any more. I heard the thumps growing louder as I made my way to the door. Normally you’d be expecting the lights to flicker, or for the sound to stop as I neared. But no. It was like there was someone up there rummaging around for who knows what in all the over stock instruments. Taking a breath I put my hand on the knob, but before I could turn it, something grabbed my shoulder.
Reflexively I whipped around and decked the person in the cheek. Iian hissed and swore as he stumbled backwards. I grabbed his sleeve barely stopping him before he fell down the stairs. He just looked at me, his soft brown eyes watering with tears,”Fuck.” he hissed as he regained his footing.
“Sorry,” I shrugged letting go of him. I gave him a questioning look. He just held up his camera and pointed to the little light that did the flash, then to his eyes. I nodded, sorta getting it. Turning back to the door Iian readied himself behind me. Quickly I swung the door open, bat ready and looked into the room.
I don’t really know what I was expecting… An animal? Maybe a crazy person, or one of several assorted monsters. But I really wasn’t prepared for what we saw. It almost reminded me of a muppet. If the muppet had a fleshy face and no lips to hide it's mouth. A confusing mix of feathers and fur fell from the flesh mask. Foggy eyes set behind the skin looked around for us. I wondered for a moment if whatever this was, was blind. We stared silently as it milled around the room.
The things movements were somewhere between graceful and a constant stumble, like a kite being dragged by a toddler hopped up on pixie sticks and meth. It moved in random directions, knocking boxes over as it tried to...well whatever it was trying to do. I was just about to shut the door when Iian whispered,”Wait.” Mistake number one.
Then the thing turned to us, I elbowed Iian for getting it's attention. It swayed for a moment, then raised it's….I’m gonna say arm, but it was more like a noodle. Seriously, this thing looked like if hellraiser had muppets. Just as it did, a Flash, from behind me as Iian took a photo. It screeched, a sound like shattering glass assailed our ears. I cursed and grit my teeth, then stepped in the room with my bat poised to swing. Mistake number two.
What I didn’t notice under the flock of feathers and willowy fur was a massive...claw? Bone blade? Spike thing? I have no idea, it was long, sharp, and heading for my head. Lucky for me Iian decided the best way to help was to plow right into me, sending us both into a nearby bass drum. We watched at the spike sunk into the wall, leaving a massive hole, and a crack halfway down to the floor.
With more than a little awkwardness I untangled myself from the drum, and Iian, and scooped up my bat. With one good swing I felt it collide with the things head. It screeched and stumbled to the side. I heard a snap as it's noodle arm went limp and fell from it. The appendage wriggled and leaked something blue. I gagged, then felt something brush past my cheek. Looking up I was met with a feather noodle. My eyes trailed it to the wall, the other spike had just missed my head. Bat in hand I went to give it another good wack. Instead I saw Iian with a big brass cymbal, with a heave he hoisted it up and slammed it down on the muppets twisted flesh face. It crumpled into a heap of feathers and blue goo. Breathing heavy he dropped the cymbal into the mess and stepped over it toward me.
“I think,” he started between heavy breaths,”We need to call dad.”
I nodded, staring at the pile,”Yeah….probably.”
We closed the door and barred it with a steel mic stand. Luther and Arthur came as soon as they got our call. Arthur burst through the door when they arrived, he went straight to Iian and looked him over.
“Oh my baby boy!” he looked over his son like a frantic mother,”Are you okay? Did you get hurt?”
“I’m fine dad,” Iian said softly trying to calm his father.
He held Iian’s hands,”I am so sorry, we rushed over as quickly as we could,” then he turned to me. I hate to admit it, but I actually flinched. He just put a hand on my cheek and looked me over,”Amber dear are you alright?”
I nodded, a little ashamed at my reaction, old habits die hard,”I’m okay sir.”
He gave me a sad smile,”You don’t need to call me sir, you know that.”
“Sorry, I’m okay Arthur, I promise.” I smiled tiredly.
He smiled and hugged me,”Good, now you two go relax. We called Cher, she has food ready for you at the shop.”
I remember my cheeks heating at his suggestion,”You didn’t have to…”
“Oh shush.” Luther interrupted ruffling my hair,”You both need a break, we’ll clean up here. Go see your friends.”
Iian gave me an eyebrow wiggle and I rolled my eyes. We grabbed our things and walked across the street to Pressed Pages, the local bookstore and coffee shop. As we entered the smell of coffee and pancakes hit us. I couldn’t help but smile, that place always puts me at ease. Behind the counter Cherri was in her usual place, pot in hand pouring a cup of coffee. Anxiety gnawed at my nerves seeing her. As always she looked up as she set the cup down and smiled, I love her smile.
“Hey Amber!” her voice was cheerful, joy always radiates from her like sunlight, infecting those around her like flesh eating virus.
I offered her a weary smile as I walked to the counter,”Hey Cher, how are you?”
“Better than you apparently.” her voice had a tone of concern,”Arthur said you had a break in?”
“Well…” rubbing the back of my neck awkwardly I tried to think of how to explain exactly what happened,”It was the uh...Merin Falls kind of break in.”
She nodded understandingly,”Ah, weird as shit.” With a shake of her head she handed me my usual,”Well, a warm drink and a full tummy can fix a lot of problems.”
A lopsided grin formed as I took it,”What would I do without you.”
“Suffer,” she shrugged with a casual grin,”And probably starve, seriously do you eat anywhere else?”
“Eh, sometimes.” I wobbled my free hand,”I can cook, so I eat at home on my days off.”
Cherri’s eyes got a mischievous glint in them and she leaned towards me across the counter,”Well maybe I can try your cooking sometime.”
See, this was another one of those, my brain is dumb moments. You’d think that I would have said literally anything smooth, or at least have said sure. But no, what I said was so incredibly stupid, that even four years and a few hundred dates later, I still kick myself for it.
I blinked once, then twice, as I tried to process the implications. But for some reason, it just didn’t click,”Why?” I asked dumbly.
Her coy grin deflated almost instantly,”I thought you’d…”
Thankfully for my sake, Iian jumped in,”She’d love to Cher, she’s just dumb.” he butted between us and slung an arm around my shoulder,”How about next saturday?”
Cher looked relieved as she looked at him, then up at me,”If you’re okay with it I’d love to.”
Iian smacked the back of my head and shook me out of my daze,”O-oh, yeah! Absolutely, want me to pick you up or?”
I’ll spare you the details of the rest of this awkward interaction. Needless to say the date went well. Going back to what brought me to this story, I mentioned that I had been repressing the part with the attic. Well today, Iian brought in the picture. Once I touched it, the trigger sent me rushing back to that day.
Thing is, we don’t have an attic. The building is one story. And in all of the photos Iian has, it always has been. He found the photo tucked away in a box, with the date on the back.
What’s weirder, Cherri had a painting tucked away in her closet. With the same date. She doesn’t remember seeing the photo, and we didn’t tell her the story.
I’ll probably have more for you all soon. Halloween is just a few days away, and it’s a big deal here. We don’t really have internet from the 29th-1st, so I’ll be offline until after it’s over. I’m Amber Haze, and I’ll be back soon with more from the tiny town of Merin Falls. Hopefully.
(Side note, I'm talking with Iian about finding a place to put scans of some of the photos in these stories. We're still talking about the best way to do it, but hopefully you all will get to see what haunts my nightmares too. What joy.)

(Part 1)
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2021.10.26 02:18 froggeefeet My perfect feet

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2021.10.26 02:18 PerformerStill6699 Would anyone be willing to draw my Pokemon Trainer character with their Partner Pokemon, an Alolan Vulpix?

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2021.10.26 02:18 daurgo2001 What could happen if you defend butterflies in México…

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2021.10.26 02:18 TheCitidel2021 Police Code Zero: Officer Under Attack S03E05

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2021.10.26 02:18 wannabehedgefun Solid Power going public via DCRC, competitor to QS (11 billion mkt cap) going public at 1.8 billion

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2021.10.26 02:18 tsunkyun [FOR HIRE] OPEN for commissions. Dm me if interested. Other details in the comment.

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2021.10.26 02:18 Smokey7839 2 months and this...

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2021.10.26 02:18 Safeforwork8945 Novice kayakers looking for fall color

We are looking for somewhere to take the inflatable kayaks and do some leaf peeping and have a little picnic this weekend. Looking for more of a river, creek, or stream vs. a lake. We will have our young kid with us, so we want something easy and safe, any suggestions?
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2021.10.26 02:18 jamie112193 Pool Mirror setup

Can someone please tell me if I messed up how I setup my pool? The idea was to stripe the data between two drives that are mirrored. I looked online and for whatever reason never seem to understand ZFS pool setups. Everything else I get and understand but no amount of videos on this subject seem to click for some reason.

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