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2021.12.01 19:28 lss_bvt_ios_05 LssTest-ImagePost-68155

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2021.12.01 19:28 slayerdk-PHX Dauntless | 1.8.3 Patch Notes

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2021.12.01 19:28 jonathan1228 i didn’t think my mac addiction was that bad 😂

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2021.12.01 19:28 moonstone-stardust I want to help people communicate more effectively. AMA

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2021.12.01 19:28 boscorina The messiest ruveal ever

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2021.12.01 19:28 marspol12 I'm just curious if anyone can tell me about these pocket watches because I don't really know much about them.

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2021.12.01 19:28 NotRatedE Lord farquad by Deathman22

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2021.12.01 19:28 Ranchonyx I feel like sharing this here.

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2021.12.01 19:28 Umbral_Agent Shadow Banned

How often have members been shadow banned on this sub? I’ve seen my past 2 Monika Life Tip CDs get over 300 upvotes each…and today’s has gotten 12. So either suddenly there are no users on the sub, or my work is being intentionally buried.
I messaged a mod about this, but I am wondering if anyone has experienced a Shadow Ban here before.
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2021.12.01 19:28 Dandantheplumberman What do you think about what is going on in the current Supreme Court right now?

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2021.12.01 19:28 sgaragagghu [top; /r/funny - /u/TheDeepBlueZ] Got this letter from Zoe while deployed. She gets it.

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2021.12.01 19:28 OkDrag5355 CORINNA HUG3 B00BS AND ANAL❣️NEW UPDATE F0LD3R L1NK IN C0MMNTS 👇

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2021.12.01 19:28 danyack Fusible bead miniatures

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2021.12.01 19:28 TenshiBabyx My bumbag worn in different ways, 5’4

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2021.12.01 19:28 JLRC_ PS5 remap kit left my controller dead

I followed all the instructions and installed the BDM_010 kit on my BDM_010 controller. The controller doesn’t do anything when I press the PS button, and doesn’t do anything when I reset it. But when I plug it in the controller lights up green and still does nothing.
I swapped the remap kit to another controller and the same issue occurred.
Please leave me your suggestions on how to fix this! Thank you
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2021.12.01 19:28 PorgyB Macbook Pro Docking Station

I am looking for a docking station for 2 Macbook Pros that will let me easily and quickly change 1 mac out for another, similar to this one on amazon (incompatible with Macbook without touch-bar): https://www.amazon.com/Ascrono-Vertical-Dock-Compatible-Thunderbolt/dp/B0994FQ9KX/ref=sr_1_8?crid=1J6VN1NGMFGLZ&keywords=vertical%2Bdocking%2Bstation&qid=1638396921&sprefix=vertical%2Bdocking%2Caps%2C166&sr=8-8&th=1.
The first is a 2019 16-inch (4 usbc inputs) with touch-bar. The second is a 2017 (2 usbc inputs) 13-inch without touch-bar. Does a vertical stand exist that works for 2 different type of Macbook Pros?
If it simply does not exist, I would love any recommendations on docking stations that plug in but can be switched between 2 different computers with a button or another product designed for this purpose.
My goal is to have my work computer and my personal computer both connected to my G9 monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, and webcam and switched quickly with a button push or other easy method.
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2021.12.01 19:28 felixthursday Stacey Abrams Says She’s Running for Georgia Governor

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2021.12.01 19:28 Far_Growth_4689 Jaco 70 today

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2021.12.01 19:28 deliverooammo Using a zipcar to practice

I have a friend who said i can use their zipcar account. He's not in the country so he can't really teach me how to drive. I was thinking of me hiring a zipcar under his name (with his permission ofc) to practice my driving, im just wondering how much trouble could i get in if i get caught.
I haven't got much money for lessons and zipcar only charges £9 per hour, in comparison to £35 an my instructor charges.
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2021.12.01 19:28 toro99 Un livre pour les débutants?

Mes amis et moi voulant lire un livre mais nous ne comprendrons pas beaucoup de le français. Qu’est que ce un lire pour les débutants de le français? Merci!
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2021.12.01 19:28 Psychological_Dirt21 Super saiyan 4 goku is on GameStop!!

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2021.12.01 19:28 KudosLisaKudos Wed Dec 1: FVRD issues evacuation order for 5 more properties on Chilliwack Lake Road - Abbotsford News

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2021.12.01 19:28 WayuTheGod Yee Yee

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2021.12.01 19:28 Bark-O-Tree Refunds for buy 10 get $50 off

I took advantage of the buy 10 get $50 offer. Some of the clothes that I bought are the incorrect size and I need to return them. I am not sure how Costco treats the promotional discount. If I return one, is the whole promotion taken off? Or is it pro-rated somehow? The website does not provide me with refund amount before sending the items in :( My chat with a customer rep also did not yield anything.
Anyone has a recent experience with this?
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