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Watch "Arceus Pokemon can be HUGE with random sizes ► Pokemon Legends Arceus" on YouTube

2022.01.23 08:31 Objective_Presence61 Watch "Arceus Pokemon can be HUGE with random sizes ► Pokemon Legends Arceus" on YouTube

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2022.01.23 08:31 Doogetma What is neck/shoulder mobility and control like after scalenectomy or FRRS

I know that there are many muscles involved in control of the neck, so I am wondering how much and in what way the loss of the scalene muscles affects one’s ability to maneuver one’s neck. Can you still look side to side in the same way? Can you tilt to the side, as if stretching the other sides scalenes, in the same way? Also how much has it affected your breathing? Thanks
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2022.01.23 08:31 justnavegante Moving to Belfast from Turkey.. Anyone who can share some insights ?

Hello everyone !
I'm from Turkey and I'll be moving to Belfast UK in next month to work and maybe to live (not sure about it yet). I've already made google searches and watched youtube videos about the city ,people and the region ..
If there's any tips from local I'd love to hear it ! Plus I have a question on my own as well...
What about the people of Belfast/NI ? I mean are they warm, welcoming and easy to be friend with ? Because I'm a very talkative ,social and funny guy who loves to spend time with people and want to be sure if I can fit to society there...
Is depression because of the weather is something I should take seriously? You know scandinavian people are mostly depressive because weather is dark and grey... Is that the case around UK ?.. I love cold weather but don't know what the locals think about it ...
Thanks in advance everyone !
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2022.01.23 08:31 francescopennella Tiles - Cards, Barcode and QR

First of all, I would like to introduce myself: I'm an R&D Software designer at work and Android developer in my spare time. Passionate about computers, technology and user interfaces in material design.
I've already published a new app on Play Store and for this reason I need testers in order to have some feedbacks.
The app is called Tiles and is available into the Play Store at this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.francescopennella.tiles
Description: With Tiles you can scan all your loyalty cards, product or gift card barcodes and QR codes (including the Green Pass), so that you can always carry them with you on your smartphone. All just a click away on your smartphone!
Features: Scan your loyalty cards, barcodes or QR codes in order to create your tiles. Search through the tiles to find what you need. Show the barcode or QR code in full screen mode, so it can be scanned easily.
Carry your cards, barcodes or QR codes always with you!
Thanks to everyone who will participate!
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2022.01.23 08:31 Child_slayer_69 My sister accidentally watched a really crappy rom-com from my Netflix id and now I keep getting similar recommendations.

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2022.01.23 08:31 Outsiders_Mirage Good Night

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2022.01.23 08:31 Quick-Teach-9605 Landscape Photography Vlog Nant Y Moch

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2022.01.23 08:31 Rind3rFilet When you want to give apex a try but can’t even create an account…

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2022.01.23 08:31 Ecstatic_Summer_110 Yooo . Let's actually get this done. I will be straight forward and will let you speak.. wait is this the 100th opportunity I am going to give you? U wanna get it done and be adults? Come now buzz me let's be adults . . Wait might aswell take my sleeping medicine. Cus u ain't gonna have the courage

Why don't you come over? Why don't we talk instead of this erratic bullshit? I've asked you so many times to come and talk, You won't so what's the difference lol. I'm mad as well go to sleep. Lol another opportunity just waste. Hey I tried you didn't show. I did my part good night. The balls in your court. Bella miguez you're a Europe is what we've been doing forever. That's why I took the balls in my court and I'm doing fine. Yeah your choice your opportunity or don't take your leave it does make a difference to me right now. Oh well I guess we'll see. Don't worry I'm not gonna stay up waiting that would just be pathetic lol. I could probably Chase a horse and make a drink water before that word ever happened
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2022.01.23 08:31 xtreak_xd I swear i saw a post a while ago saying the yodeling kid was gay but then i googled it and he's not wtf

not me thinking he is gay but it was just a lie
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2022.01.23 08:31 JackonPollock Clock Faces - 3D NFT Project

Would love for you all to check out my project!

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2022.01.23 08:31 ImmediateSpinach6516 Nory world's first Shiny Pokemon Gotcha! {Legends Arceus} Shiny Electrode 레전드 아르세우스 세계최초 이로치 포획 (클레이 피규어-뚜껑즈) 색이다른 붐볼

Nory world's first Shiny Pokemon Gotcha! {Legends Arceus} Shiny Electrode <CapZ> 레전드 아르세우스 세계최초 이로치 포획 (클레이 피규어-뚜껑즈) 색이다른 붐볼 submitted by ImmediateSpinach6516 to LegendsArceus [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 08:31 Arslan_maxhar سب کو کنگن سے محبت نہیں ہوتی ، پاگل ! ‏ سارے شاعر تو وصی شاہ نہیں ہوسکتے

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2022.01.23 08:31 saif_saifer_saifest Does ningguang's jade screen respawn without shatter?

Does ningguang's jade screen respawn without shatter? Hi all. Been a big fan of ning because i got her really early game and she was my dps for a really long time. now i use her as a sub/burst dps with Arataki Itto. Befor i didnt have her constellations but I recently got c2 and c3 back to back and somethings been happening that's been bugging me.
Her c2 states that her jade screen cooldown will reset if the screen is shattered. for me the cooldown's been resetting without shattering? is this a bug? sometimes im able to use the screen upto 3 times within like a 5 sec period. 2 times back to back and then as soon as the cooldown resets after using her burst due to shatter.
I'm using Lost Prayer.
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2022.01.23 08:31 nightcitytrashcan Something I noticed the other day about the three trilogies.

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2022.01.23 08:31 Unfvckyourself Got drunk last night and didn't relapse for the first time! Feeling victorious

This is a huge victory for me. Every single time I have fun on a weekend and drink, I always end up relapsing but this time I DIDNT.
Feeling so proud today, one small victory after another (5 days).
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2022.01.23 08:31 appletan1264 Help! Why is there a yellow spot forming on the leaf?

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2022.01.23 08:31 ofmenandcockroaches HTBW conveyancing fees approximation

Just wondering if anyone has a potential ballpark figure for conveyancing on a help to buy wales repayment through remortgaging? I am currently trying to work out if I have asked for an accurate additional borrowing amount (plus additional funds to buy out the other party) and concerned I might be leaving myself short.
Thanks all
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2022.01.23 08:31 ChirpingSparrows Impact of partisan Waqf Act 1995 under which any land can be unilaterally declared waqf property:How property in Shiv Shakti society of Mora, Surat, Gujarat came in Waqf possession and how it became a mosque.Same Act also used to declare Surat Municipal office & Bet Dwarka islands as waqf peoperties

Impact of partisan Waqf Act 1995 under which any land can be unilaterally declared waqf property:How property in Shiv Shakti society of Mora, Surat, Gujarat came in Waqf possession and how it became a mosque.Same Act also used to declare Surat Municipal office & Bet Dwarka islands as waqf peoperties submitted by ChirpingSparrows to AgainstHinduphobia [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 08:31 KarenChavez BioLuna Reviews :- Best Sleeping Pills In The Market!

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2022.01.23 08:31 Neon_Wertex I made a funny

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2022.01.23 08:31 Application_Lucky As someone who watched produce 101 it makes me so emotional to see how far soyeon has come

She was one of my favourite contestants on the show and by far the best rapper but seeing how she got treated because she didn't fit into the beauty standards made me so mad. I remember being so emotional when she got eliminated and i remember thinking that what a loss it was for the kpop industry to lose such a talented rapper. We know what happens to a vast majority of the trainees that get eliminated. We don't hear from a lot of them and I really thought she would be one of those trainees but imagine my shock when she debuted in g-(idle) and her group becoming one of the biggest and most popular girl groups of the fourth gen. And then seeing her solo career taking off and now being on my teenage girl and her popularity sky rocketing in south Korea. She is getting the recognition and praise she deserves and will become one of the most unnotable rappers, and producers in the kpop industry. I'm so so proud of her
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2022.01.23 08:31 oofZuzu Game of classic confusion

Hello, everybody!
I was a doctor in this classic game and healed the escort N1, who'd gone on the SK and received a message that i healed them twice. Next day only the sk had killed. During the game we find out that there's a second doc who'd healed the investigator N1, but the investigator was on that other doc.
So none of the attacked people N1 had gone on a veteran, SK killed N1 and maf couldn't, because somebody got healed. How did I receive a X2 heal message in these conditions?
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2022.01.23 08:31 AmazingPatatas Hey I'm a new player, just wondering who I should prioritize and is there any particular build I should be going for? Thanks

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2022.01.23 08:31 Kinium Some interesting notes about kratom tea

I have been preparing kratom tea in different ways for some time, I have tried boiling the kratom but it loses many of its alkaloids and ends up being a less potent drink, infusing it directly as it is done in some places in Indonesia, but I guess the kratom they use there is fresher and therefore much more active than the completely dehydrated powdered kratom that you get in Europe or other parts of the world.
Dry kratom leaves are hard in consistency, so I need an exctacting solution to release all or most of the alkaloids before infusing it in hot water, the best thing for it is an acid base, I've heard people using citric acid, but I don't know if it's the best for the stomach, some even use cider vinegar or something similar. I tried citrus juices, and the one that gave me the best result was lemon juice. Just make sure you leave the kratom with the lemon juice to macerate long enough, at least 5 hours, although I prefer to leave it overnight. I have also tried freezing and then thawing the macerate before infusing it in the water, in order to "break" the molecules of the plant residues so as to better extract the alkaloids, but this does not seem to give better results.
So it is very simple although it takes some time, it is best to prepare it in advance, and it keeps for several days in the refrigerator without losing its potency. You need a good kratom powder, lemon, a strainer or several cloth strainers (like the ones used to prepare Kava Kava or a cheese cloth). I have heard that with an Aeropress the process is quite easy and it is something that I have pending to try, just do not use coffee filters because it will take forever and you will need to change several times until you can make a good amount. My current dosage is usually about 6g of kratom for 1.5L of tea, which lasts me two days (I used to consume 6gpd doing wash and toss!). I squeeze the juice from a lemon and add the 6g of kratom, leave it to steep overnight and then prepare the water, calculate 1.5L (1.6 for what may evaporate) and boil it in a pot. Once it starts to boil, I remove the pot from the fire and add the kratom macerate with lemon (never while boiling, the myrtagine and other alkaloids degrade at temperatures above 100ºC !). Now just cover and let the water cool completely to room temperature. I add a spoonful of stevia in herb with a tea egg and remove it a minute later (stevia tends to sweeten quite a lot, even slightly bitter if left too much, but it is always healthier). At this point, the only thing left to do is to strain the tea, which has a nice ambeorange colour, using a strainer and a cloth. The idea is to remove as much of the kratom powder as possible (some of it is always going to be strained out) and finally to be able to squeeze out the kratom so that the tea is as concentrated as possible. To do this, we use the cloth in which the kratom remains, wrap it in the form of a sachet and squeeze it as well as possible. If a cleaner tea is desired, the filtering can be repeated several times.
This may be subjective, but this method is changing the way I use kratom, my perception is that the effect of the kratom lasts much longer and by the way it avoids the digestive problems associated with direct consumption, as I said, this has helped to reduce my daily amount by half, I think it is a great method to tapper down the doses and consume it more responsibly, it is also a great method to carry your kratom discreetly in a bottle wherever you go.
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